Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science




The AEGIS Team would like to extend special thanks to the Mars Exploration Rover Tactical and Science Teams as well as the following people who provided valuable advice and both technical and moral support throughout the AEGIS MER technology infusion process:

Khaled Ali Jim Bell Jeff Biesiadecki John Callas
Steve Chien Emily Dean Matt Golombek John Grotzinger
Samad Hayati Pauline Hwang Jeff Johnson Matt Keuneke
Won Kim Sharon Laubach Mark Maimone Justin Maki
Jake Matijevic Scott Maxwell Elaina McCartney Bill Nelson
Tam Nguyen Tim Parker Jon Proton Gregg Rabideau
Steve Schaffer Nicole Spanovich Steve Squyres Chris Stevens
John Stocky Dave Theiling    


The AEGIS Team gratefully acknowledges its sponsors:


The JPL organizations involved with the AEGIS project, primarily three groups from Divisions 31, 32, and 38, are: